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Planning and Consulting

No two airlines are the same, and everyone is at a different stage in their revenue management journey. That’s why we start by finding out more about you and your needs and develop a personalised plan.

If you know you want a revenue management system, we’ll start with a web-based demo to show you Aviator features and answer your questions. At that point we can talk at a deeper level about your airline, and provide a customised proposal with complete pricing, implementation and training plans.

If you’re not sure whether you’re ready for revenue management software yet, our consultants can help you learn and apply revenue management concepts, without the use of specialised revenue management software. This can include helping you create a revenue management team, develop daily work practices and responsibilities for team members, implementing best practices in manual flight control, and communicating the benefits of revenue management throughout your airline.

How do you know if you’re succeeding?

We can also help your revenue management department set up key result areas (KRAs) and key performance indicators (KPIs), focusing staff on the most important areas and allowing senior airline staff to easily monitor progress.

Rollout and Training

We have a tried-and-true plan to get you up and running as soon as possible. The steps include:

A pre-implementation meeting with you and your team to discuss your market, codeshare and group traffic, competitive situation and current strategies. This helps us tailor the perfect Aviator suite for your airline.

Organizing the data feed from your inventory system and rolling out the software.

Initial training for all levels of your organisation, from the flight analysts who will use the system daily through to senior management who want the benefit of the reporting features.

Following up three to six months later with a Health Check to ensure the system is working as expected, fine tune where needed and lock in all the good revenue-raising practices.

And of course, our team are standing by to help you to train new staff members as they come on board, and to provide refresher training for your team.


Our customers rave about the Aviator support team and for good reason. We hire industry specialists who have deep knowledge of all aspects of revenue management, and then take them through a rigorous product training program, so the person you speak to first will often be able to help you immediately.

Our support and sales teams are located in the USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, S.E. Asia, Japan and Australia, so you can get help whenever and wherever you need it.

Our team are passionate about Airline Revenue Management and have decades of knowledge combined. Why not check us out?

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