Aviator Airline

More revenue from
every flight


Maximise your revenue for every class level and every seat.


Accurately forecast upcoming and final demand for inventory settings.


Easily spot trends and leverage opportunities without manual delays.


Tightly integrated links with your existing reservations and inventory systems.

Revenue Management System Optimisation

Each day, your reservations system sends Aviator the sales, inventory and scheduling data for all future flights. Aviator then re-forecasts and analyses each flight, calculating optimal class levels and adjusts the inventory in your reservation system to maximise your revenue.

We know flexibility is essential, and Aviator allows your staff to change optimisation logic from market to market and from season to season. This includes traditional EMSRb optimisation, price-demand sensitive models, plus a large range of advanced algorithms and business specific options.

If your airline is a low-cost-carrier, or if you compete against one, you’ll love Aviator’s competitive optimisation features. These include feeding competitors’ live internet fare data into the Aviator optimisation process to automatically influence your inventory settings, removing the need for manual price matching.

By automating processes, 90% of flights are handled automatically and your team only needs to concentrate only on special or new flights. Single flights can be easily adjusted in Aviator, and whole blocks of flights can be modified in one hit— at lightning speed.

All modern class nesting models are supported, including hybrid nesting and class groupings. Aviator business logic makes the control of non-revenue and group classes easy, and supports several versions of automated and user-defined overbooking mechanisms, including movable curtain models.

Every Dollar Counts

Aviator controlled inventory settings typically generate 7% or more than manual inventory settings.


Aviator uses a vast amount of flight, segment (or leg) and class data to produce accurate forecasts of upcoming and final demand. Historical booking patterns of demand are grouped by route, day of week and departure time bands , unconstrained automatically, then blended with current sales activity to calculate accurate forecasts. Seasonality can be applied automatically or custom-made by flight analysts to suit local events. The forecasts are fed into the optimisation logic that produces recommended inventory settings to maximise revenue.

Aviator reports always let you know how the weeks and months ahead are performing in terms of loads, yields and revenues. Meaningful “this year/last year” comparisons allow you to keep a firm grip on the forward demand for each destination. And revenue forecast reports let you identify weaknesses and opportunities well in advance—so you can take swift action to maximise your profits.

Selective Flight Overbooking

Extra revenue can be produced by accurately predicting last-minute cancellation activity and overbooking the flight—allowing the sale of cancelled seats to other passengers. Business rules are applied to maximise gains and minimise any risks.


Our intuitive report engine lets you build reports and graphs which allow your team to review data by flight number, flight range or route – or for the whole network at once. You can easily spot trends then zero in on flights which reflect specific criteria. This lets you find and seize revenue opportunities with incredible efficiency.

Reports and charts cover all aspects of flight performance including loads, yields, forecasts, revenue estimates and booking patterns. Reports can span one year forward and at least one year back, so your analysts can easily view year-to-year comparisons, and can be viewed, printed and saved using Excel, Word or PDF.

While your analysts need reports showing the details of each flight, Aviator Summary Reports provide concise management-level reports. Instantly-produced, network-wide summary reports show past, current and future forecasts of seat sold, seat factors, revenues, yields, RPK’s and ASK’s, and forward bookings comparisons year-on-year.


  • Identifies trends and adjusts inventory automatically
  • Smart technology to deal with the complex aviation world
  • Reduces risk and the inefficiencies of manual management

Bottom Line

  • Small savings add up to big amounts – every dollar counts
  • Can make difference between profit and loss
  • Reporting provides executive visibility


  • Maxamation have been revenue management experts since 1997
  • Our support team are airline industry specialists
  • We share our industry-wide experience to enable your team’s success


In order to create flight optimisation, reports and, of course, deliver extra revenue, airline software must be tightly integrated with your reservations inventory system. Aviator is already linked with all the world’s major systems, and most of those used by smaller, “boutique” airlines.

The interface with each reservation system is slightly different. Some are sophisticated, offering a virtual real-time 24/7 connection. Others are simple and clean, but still provide the right result.

Airline Revenue Management System

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