Airline Revenue Management

More revenue from
every flight

Automated Airline Revenue Management
Means Profits

Airline Revenue Management can make the difference between airline profit and loss. But trying to manually optimise revenue for all the thousands of flights, segments and classes held in your PSS just isn’t possible. There are never enough hours in a day and relying on spreadsheets and intuition is no match for software and automation. Aviator’s automated system ensures that all future departures are optimally set up and managed to maximise revenues.

Aviator Revenue Management

More than thirty airlines around the world trust industry-favourite Aviator Revenue Management. Its smart software integrates with your existing PSS to help maximise revenue and minimise lost profits through automated analysis, inventory adjustments and availability optimisation for every flight.

Changing market conditions can greatly complicate your airline’s Revenue Management decisions. That’s why Aviator’s airline Revenue Management system allows you to influence both the automated forecasting and optimisation processes to simulate current conditions. Whether you want to use specific historical date ranges for forecasting purposes, set business rules to influence current forecasts or creating specific optimisation rules to manage inventory levels, it’s all possible now.

Aviator’s airline Revenue Management System dynamically controls flight inventory settings 24×7 based on forecasted demand and current bookings and modifies availability at different price points to make every dollar count.


Maximise your revenue for every class level and every seat.


Accurately forecast upcoming and final demand for inventory settings.


Easily spot trends and leverage opportunities without manual delays.

See it for yourself

Our team of industry experts will be happy to sit down with you and better understand your airline revenue management goals and requirements and show you how the airline revenue management software can help. Aviator worldwide support and sales teams are located in the USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, S.E. Asia, Japan and Australia, so contact us today.

Aviator is your revenue co-pilot

Aviator constantly monitors and reacts to capacity and demand changes, so you don’t have to. On a low demand flight, it may mean offering more discount seats, increasing revenue by attracting incremental price-sensitive passengers. On a high demand flight, it may mean reducing the number of discounted seats, allowing you to sell some of those seats at higher prices. Importantly, Aviator’s instant recommendations help you seize the opportunities and maximise your revenue.