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Who is Maxamation?

Maxamation has been helping customers maximise airline revenue and minimise lost profits since 1997, through automated, integrated software, smart data and inventory-optimisation algorithms.  With complex business lines, fluctuating market conditions and a laser focus on the bottom line, managing flight prices manually is simply impossible. Maxamation software, including the industry favourite, Aviator, dynamically controls inventory settings 24×7 based on demand, bookings and availability and modifies availability at each price-point to make every dollar count.

Meet our Team


Ian Johnson


Ian is a veteran of the airline IT industry and co-founder of Maxamation. After programming roles on high-volume transaction data processing systems, Ian went on to a wide variety of senior management airline positions located on four continents. Ian has also managed IT consulting companies providing services and products to the airline and other industries. His role as Maxamation President allows him to share his wealth of knowledge with customers around the world. Outside of work, Ian is a keen sailor and loves to be on the ocean.


Peter Brewer


Peter is a co-founder and the CEO of Maxamation, with 30+ years in the revenue management business. He has worked extensively with revenue management in the airline, advertising and entertainment industries and continues to advise major television networks. Peter is proud of the Maxamation culture of having great people, software and support to help our airline partners. He enjoys travel, international cuisine and culture, and live blues music festivals.


Kai Griffin

Development Director

Kai brings 30 years’ experience within the travel industry, including airlines, cruise lines, group and conference travel, as well as passenger airlines. He has been involved with software development within the airline industry for over 20 years, using a variety of programming languages for both desktop and web environments. He has special expertise in emerging technologies which work efficiently with massive quantities of data, helping to ensure that our products are highly responsive.


Szin-Yi Leong


Szin knows Aviator inside and out, having managed its development and implementation for more than ten years. Her background in business and information systems has ensured she provides a clear roadmap for our flagship product, and ensures we meet continuing customer needs. Szin loves to collect wine, shoes and dogs, but says her husband draws the line at dogs!

Sydney Support Team


Monika Rekha

Sydney Support Team Manager

Monika joined Maxamation in 2012 as a Revenue Management Consultant, bringing nine years of revenue management experience as an airline analyst. Since joining Maxamation, she leads the Sydney Support Team, ensuring our clients gain the maximum benefit from our solutions. Monika has also contributed towards training revenue management staff and assisting in the design and testing of our software. Originally from the Fiji Islands, Monika loves travelling, fashion design, sight-seeing and cooking mostly Indian food.


Allannah Hilmer

Revenue Management Consultant

Allannah is a Revenue Management Consultant at Maxamation, providing exceptional customer support service. Previously, Allannah worked as a Senior Revenue Management Consultant for Infor EzRMS, a Revenue Management system for hotels. Allannah has over ten years’ experience consulting and working with the hospitality industry and hospitality technology companies where her focus has been Revenue Management, Project Management, Implementation Services, E-Marketing and Reservations. Outside of work she is an admirer of all true-crime podcasts and travelling.


Fiona Li

Revenue Management Consultant

Fiona is a Revenue Management Consultant and a member of the Sydney support team. She honed her customer service skills during eight years’ experience in the hospitality industry, with several international hotel chains. Her focus is always on continuous revenue improvement through utilising advanced tools and internal resources. She loves to provide world class support to Maxamation clients and provide assistance in testing and improving our software. Fiona still has one wish list item – bungee jumping.


Cathleen Xia

Revenue Management Consultant

Cathleen joined Maxamation as a revenue management consultant in 2017. Prior to joining the team, she brings over 7 years of customer service skills and practical revenue management experience in the airline industry. Her focus is to continue contributing to the improvement of testing methods to achieve optimal results in revenue management for clients. Outside of work, she is passionate about travelling and scuba diving. And she enjoys cooking in her spare time.

Future Product Division


Donovan Broad

Senior Aviator Development Manager

Donovan brings more than 30 years’ experience in information technology programming to the Maxamation Future Product Division. His experience ranges across a variety of domains from large mainframe applications such as airline reservations, departure control systems and credit card transaction processing systems through to multi-user client-server desktop applications such as greenhouse control, engineering configuration and Aviator. Donovan is also a keen long-distance runner, especially forest and trail-running events with his boxer dog.


Michelle Morgan

Knowledge Manager / Subject Matter Expert

Michelle has been with Maxamation for more than 13 years, developing deep subject matter expertise. She works with our clients, test and software teams to ensure Aviator stays an industry leader. During her career, Michelle’s background in Management Accounting has led to multiple roles with an international airline in Revenue Management, Alliance, Pricing Strategy, Contracts and Network profitability analysis. She is a keen runner, swimmer, dog-walker and loves cheering on her teenage children at sports.


Klara Koubova

Project Co-ordinator

Klara is a newcomer in airlines business industry, however brings diverse experience in sales, coordination and hospitality management. After finishing her Marketing Degree, Klara worked in exports for a furniture company, liaising with overseas customers and managing trade fairs, before moving into restaurant management. She speaks Czech, English and German. She loves travelling, the ocean, good food and wine, yoga and Scandinavian thriller books.


Priya Tatikonda

Full stack Javascript Developer

Priya brings almost five years’ experience as a full stack developer to the Maxamation Future Product Division. As a key contributor to all phases of software development lifecycle, Priya is passionate about collaborating with diverse cross-functional teams in order to get the best outcome, including performing in-depth analysis of project components. Priya is also a keen traveller.


Pon Pricha

Senior Aviator Developer

Pon concentrates on optimisation and report development and is responsible for some of Maxamation’s most sophisticated optimisation models. Pon has many years of experience in airline IT development, especially with financial systems. She also has expertise in statistical processing and analysis and is very familiar with import files and data structures. Pon loves travelling and cooking.


Saroj Maharjan

Software Engineer

Saroj brings several years of experience in software development to the Maxamation Future Product division. He is passionate about technologies and eager to learn and implement software development and design principles to applications. Previously he has developed insurance related and job search aggregator related applications. Saroj is a great team player with excellent analytical skills and an important ability to solve problems. He loves to walk, hike and do treks with his friends.



Dave Anderson

Operations Manager

Dave has been working in the Corporate and Startup sphere for over a decade in various roles, and currently heads the IT Operations department of Maxamation. He brings strong IT management experience in development, implementation and support of mission-critical business applications for Airline Revenue Management, Reservation systems, Cargo, Frequent Flyer Programs and CRM domain. Dave loves exploring and finding those out of the way places.


Revathi Mugundan

Senior Application Support Analyst

Revathi brings in 6+ years of IT experience to Maxamation as a Server Administration/ Production support analyst. She is highly skilled in Linux and Windows server administration. She is good at SQL, PL/SQL scripting and has good exposure to the financial service industry. Revathi’s interest in cloud technologies is growing, especially in AWS. She loves travelling and has a passion for baking, yoga and meditation.


Lesiba Boshomane

Server Administration/ Production support analyst

Lesiba brings 5+ years of experience in application support as a DevOps engineer. He is highly skilled in root cause analysis and incident investigation, including data analysis, application investigation and integration analysis. He has 6+ years of professional experience in Linux and Windows Server environments. He loves playing online games, travelling, and spending time with his family.


Raja Golukonda

Server Administration/ Production support analyst

Raja has over eight years of experience in technical IT roles and has a strong interest in problem-solving. He has specialist expertise in java, spring MVC, microservices, DevOps, AWS and scripting. Raja loves to travel and explore the food of the places he visits, as well as how the food is prepared and the ingredients used. He loves to cook and he also enjoys driving cars.

Overseas Team


Corne de Waal

Senior Revenue Management Consultant

Corne has been in the Revenue Management space since 1995 and has consulted in over 20 countries to date. With his Bachelor of Economics, majoring in Economics and Transport Economics, Corne has practical RM experience across airlines, buses, trains and hotels. He developed a Revenue Management system for the schedule bus industry in 2006, and has advised on corporate department restructures to re-align them Revenue Management principles. Corne loves gadgets and sports.


Marko Isakov

Senior Revenue Management Consultant

Marko brings more than 15 years’ experience in the airlines industry, specialising in Revenue Management, Pricing and Network development. His engineering approach for training results in clients having a thorough understanding of how Aviator works. Marko is determined that each client can maximise their revenue, which he achieves through a simple, personalised and efficient setup. He speaks Serbian, French, English and Italian, plays football, cycles, does Cross Fit and is an all-around sports addict.


Gary Felton

Senior Revenue Management Consultant

Gary has over 30 years’ experience successfully implementing, training and supporting RM systems and processes for more than 35 airlines around the world. International or domestic, big planes or small, different cultures, different languages, different skill levels, he has seen it all and ONE thing is in common – the Boss wants the Maximum Revenue. Gary’s RM Mantra: “Get the Basics Right.” His other mantra? “They say if you reach 50 and have not grown up, then you don’t have to.”


Tanya Dnistransky

Support Analyst

Tanya has 12 years experience in Airline Revenue Management. She has been working in the travel and tourism industry for over 20 years. Tanya has over 10 years experience working in Aviator with a Regional Airline. She loves the outdoors, enjoying it with her family, dogs and friends.


Julie Liu

Asia Support Specialist

Julie joined Maxamation in 2014 as our Asia Support Specialist. She has been involved in the demos, trainings and implementations of Aviator for Chinese clients, and is part of the support team for other clients in the Asia-Pacific area. Her experience in Public Relations (General Motors), Intercultural Communications and simultaneous interpretations has given her a comprehensive understanding of airlines’ business requirements. Her favourite saying? “The shortest answer is doing.”

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