RM Training during COVID-19

Conducting RM training to a new client is a challenge in itself – new people, different level of RM knowledge and expertise, different markets meaning different challenges and/or strategies and finally the training often being held in a language that is not always the clients’ nor the trainer’s mother tongue… All of this makes Revenue Management (RM) training challenging – yet very interesting and very hard to perform remotely.

When we consider remote training, we need to add to the above list the internet connection quality, the capability of each participant to stay focused for a long time as fatigue enters into play… As an experienced trainer there is one thing that technology cannot help with – being able to look in the eye of each trainee – which automatically tells you whether the person is understanding the topic or not.

rms training

RM training is not just about explaining what a certain button does within the system, the staff must understand how the system works but furthermore how to make the system work for them.

Considering everything, at Maxamation we do our best to provide onsite training to all our clients.

But since 2020 we had to deal with an uninvited guest – COVID19.

It has been a surprise to all of us, and governments have been struggling in fighting the virus.

Closing borders, enforcing mandatory quarantine, curfew and other measures have become a new normal.

Now how does an onsite RM training program fit into all of this?

At first it was not really an issue – there were no new clients – most current clients were grounded and many airline staff were sent home for indefinite periods of time. The staff that remained in the office were managing more than their normal tasks and the morale was very low. We held a couple of online refresher training sessions – but let’s be honest, people had other things on their mind.

Fortunately, in the past several months we have witnessed some markets opening, and the airline industry gently warming up.

New prospects reached out, current clients encountered some staff turnover, migration to other PSS etc… so we were forced to find a way to overcome the travel limitations linked to COVID19.

Whilst the training program is already well established, the logistics of travel plans, accommodation, training location etc. was last minute, with everything depending on so many moving variables:

Will I get the PCR test results on time? Will I be positive? Will any of the client’s staff be positive? Will the flights be maintained? Will new restrictions be enforced? Will I need to go in quarantine? Etc.

Each country has its own regulations, and we were obliged to juggle with so many variables – trying to forecast what the destination and origin country will do while even they were having no visibility. Forecasting the travel arrangements just for training is proving harder than forecasting passenger demand for revenue maximisation.

The entire situation reminds me of “catch me if you can” ???? and fortunately for me, I was lucky enough to avoid being blocked or do a mandatory quarantine during my travels (I avoided it twice by only several hours).

Then finally comes the training itself with all the sanitary rules and limitations enforced.

The Mask – oh My God – talking for several hours with a mask on is challenging but making sure that everyone actually hears and understands what you are saying is a totally different story! And the same applies to the students.

Nevertheless, the stress and all travel related challenges are worth it as there is no better reward than having a satisfied client fully using AVIATOR RMS.

Hopefully COVID19 will end soon and give the airline industry the opportunity to breathe again after more than 16 months and establish some stable demand patterns. Meanwhile, we are always on hand and take every opportunity to help our current and hopefully future clients to maximise their revenue on every flight.

Contact us today for more information on RM training.

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